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  • Well what a happy and friendly lot of people this company are, they were professional very helpful any questions were answered in a positively and courteous manner, I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly obtain my next car from CVSCVS Customer
  • Great experience from start to finish very pleased with the service.CVS Customer
  • Brilliant customer service would highly recommend for those who haven’t got much of a credit history built up. Ben is a gentlemanCVS Customer
  • Excellent from start to finish. Dealt with any questions or concerns very professionally. First time experience with CVS would use again.CVS Customer
  • I am very happy with the service and will definitely be using CVS again for my next carCVS Customer
  • A smooth and easy process from start to finish, Thank you I will be shortly handing back my first car and signing up for a second leaseCVS Customer
  • Always helpful!!CVS Customer
  • Exceptionally friendly and informative. Really try to find the vehicle of choiceCVS Customer

CVS Limited have been providing bad credit car leasing for over a decade to personal and businesses customers throughout the UK.

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There are many reasons why people can find themselves in the position of having bad, poor or no credit history, it can be due to economic reasons leaving people in a position with defaults, CCJ’s, Mortgage areas, bankruptcies or perhaps you have never had anything on finance before (no credit history).

All this combined can make life very difficult when trying to obtain a car lease, at CVS Ltd we are here to help you get behind the wheel of your next car.

CVS Ltd recognise the ‘real world’ and we work hard to help provide car leasing where many mainstream leasing companies have failed.

Bad Credit Car Leasing

There are two main factors which we require:

1) That you can afford the monthly repayments.
2) That you are in some way traceable at your current address.

We have helped many customers get behind the wheel, offering bad credit leasing on new and nearly new cars.  We pride ourselves on a personal customer service which is why over 90% of our customers renew with us, and according to a recent customer survey 100% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.


What could lead to having bad credit?


At CVS Ltd we do not look at your past we do not judge your position, we understand that there all manner of reasons why you may have a bad credit rating, these includeBad credit car leasing

  • Job Redundancy
  • Business Downturns
  • Divorce
  • Relationship Separation
  • Illness
  • Global Economic Downturn
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Zero Hour Contracts

Bad credit car leasing the process.


We have kept the process of leasing a car with us as simple and as straight forward as possible. Firstly, you can either contact us by telephone (01342 837110) or email and one of our trained car leasing advisers will contact you. This is where we can discuss your individual requirements and any financial difficulties you have had. This is so we can get to know you and your current position, we like to offer a personal service and we treat each application individually.

Bad credit car leasing discussNext, our trained car leasing adviser will send you an application form for either business or personal leasing, you are also able to complete these forms online Personal car leasing with bad credit or Business Leasing with bad credit. The application form is not long but gives us enough information to be able to pass on to our underwriters. It is important that we can get a really good application together along with the supporting documents required, this will help the underwriters understand your current circumstances and speed up the process of being accepted.

Once we have your completed application and all the supporting documents and they have been given to our underwriting team we will have an answer for you with 2 working days. We have a very high acceptance rate, but in truth we cannot promise to pass every application we receive as we need to also be responsible, and insure that you are able to afford payments comfortably.


Bad credit car leasing after acceptance.


Once you have been accepted the next step is to discuss what car meets your requirements and it is at this stage that we start to source a car that fits your requirements. Please note that we purchase the car for you and you then lease the car from us. We are able to provide you with example cars and prices for your viewing but as mentioned we will ultimately purchase to your individual requirements.
Once a car has been located we ask for the agreed initial payment of your leasing agreement. The amount can vary a great deal as it depends on your individual leasing agreement agreed by you and the CVS team. As we work with each customer and work on a tailored agreement depending on each customer’s circumstances, your initial payment could be as little as £500. A tailored leasing agreement specially to suit your requirements, not many leasing companies can offer that.


Bad credit car leasing after the initial payment.


Once we have received your initial payment, all documentation will be sent out to you in the post, you need to check all the documents, sign and return via recorded post. Upon completion of your documents we can then arrange delivery of your car.

We typically deliver your car within 10 working days of the receipt of the documents. We will prepare your vehicle, service where necessary, valet and then it will be delivered to you by one of our professional vehicle delivery drivers.

Our application process is designed to be as straight forward as possible, making bad credit car leasing as easy as applying mainstream.bad credit car leasing family

The reality of this business is that we cannot guarantee everybody a lease car but in truth nobody can. All finance companies and car brokers are required to be registered by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Under their rules any individual applying for the contract hire of a motor vehicle for a period of more than three months must be able to show they can afford the payments. (This does not apply to Limited Companies)

We know you have an issue with your credit otherwise you would not be talking to us, so please pick up the phone and have a chat or email us, please note all communications are treated confidentially. Remember if you do not talk to us we cannot help you lease a car. We really do understand the real world and the difficulties people face with bad, poor or no credit history.

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