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We are a company dedicated to supplying contract hire vehicles to individuals both self-employed and employed, as well as companies who fail to achieve a mainstream credit rating for whatever reason.
Established in 1999 we offer a comprehensive solution from a single vehicle to an entire fleet. Most importantly we are the company supplying your next vehicle, you are not dealing with a broker so there are no third parties involved.

We understand there are a myriad of reasons why someone is not given mainstream credit; it may even simply be that an individual has never had credit in the past to begin with. Alternatively due to circumstances such as divorce, sickness or being made redundant you could have an issue with your credit history.

Whatever the reason it really doesn’t matter, we only take into account two factors – can you afford the payments and are you traceable? Please see our section on do I qualify for more details.

We are here to help as many people as possible drive away the vehicle of their choice. The reality of this business is that we cannot guarantee everybody a vehicle but in truth nobody can. All finance companies and car brokers are required to be registered by Financial Conduct Authority. (FCA) Under their rules any individual applying for the contract hire of a motor vehicle for a period of more than three months must be able to show they can afford the payments. (This does not apply to Limited Companies)

We know you have an issue with your credit otherwise you would not be talking to us so please pick up the phone and have a chat. Remember if you do not talk to us we cannot help you. We really do understand the real world and the difficulties people face.